Friday, July 20, 2007



Episode 1, the Old Man of the Pyramids, fabled oracle who bestowed great powers and wisdom on his student, 'FLASH' LIGHTNING, gives Flash a mission to save the city.

It would appear that beloved super heroes ATOMAN, SWIFT ARROW and GREEN LAMA have turned to the dark side as they are destroying the city! What will 'Flash' Lightning do? Can he SINGLE-HANDEDLY defeat these powerful opponents?! FIND OUT by downloading this strip to your mobile phone at

written and illustrated by Donald Jackson

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Teaching English with Comics

One service available for investors with insight is our TEC Comix:
Teaching English Conversation Comics.

The sample at right ( click to enlarge ) was drawn and inked by Gerald Forton after one of my lessons for learning the phrase "It's a dog eat dog world." The concept is to deliver a brief, illustrated lesson on English language usage to mobile phone users who are students of English as a second language. The ESL market it global and with mobile phones being a key delivery system for a youth market and business people, all we need are wise investors to get this concept into reality.

I am certified to teach English as a second language through Cambridge University at the New York Center for English Studies and have taught English as a second language for seven years both in the United States and in Asia.

To make inquiries about this venture, contact me, Donald Jackson, at

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Super Heroes as American Icons

With the death of Captain America at Marvel Comics, this comics creator has wondered what it means both to American culture and as a reflection of our times. Dennis O'Niel, author of the DC Guide to Writing Comics, once said that comic book writers are not only writers of fiction but the keepers of American mythology. This is a very serious and real responsibility, I feel.

Why Marvel killed the character Captain America is something I don't know, but I have recoiled from the notion that you 'could' kill that character. For me personally, killing Captain America was desecrating sacred ground. I believe Cap's absence, for those who felt inspired by his presence in the world, will leave a vacuum in his place.

I don't represent the views of other creators affiliated with Spark Publications but I feel that Spark could perhaps light a candle in the darkness that was made when Captain America took that sniper's bullet. With characters like AMERICAN EAGLE and EAGLET, THE LIBERATOR or PAT PARKER-WAR NURSE there are still plenty of American heroes available to fight the good fight.

Let Freedom Ring ....


Black and white art by Donald Jackson

Above is a sample of the art I'm creating for an All-STARS strip where I'll feature several GOLDEN AGE SUPER HEROES.

This episode features 'Flash' Lightning and Lightning Girl battling three super heroes who appear to have turned evil. It is not long before they discover this is only a ruse for a sentient robots to capture them and harness their amazing power of electricity to sustain their civilization.

See ORIGINAL SPARK PUBLICATIONS HEROES from the 1940's: SWIFT ARROW, ATOMAN & GREEN LAMA join in this fantastic adventure that stretches the boundaries of imagination!!!

Swift Arrow
( featured at left ) was one of the earliest archers on the comics scene, certainly an early inspiration for characters such as Marvel's Hawkeye and DC's Green Arrow.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Spark Comics Presents

I'm proud to annouce our first two GA comics available will be Tony Trent as The Face and 'Flash' Lightning.

Our intention is to use these Golden Age reprints as a spring board for developing these characters into more mobile comic strips and then reprint our developed strips into Print On Demand books.

While we are also developing the characters from the 1940's Spark Publication comics, we are developing public domain characters from other publications of the period too.

Tony Trent is a radio broadcaster who moonlights as a crime-fighting terror donning a horrible mask. Working secretly with the commissioner of police, he is able to obtain information from the underworld that the police cannot. In the genre of BATMAN and hard boiled crime, comes the adventures of TONY TRENT as THE FACE. First published in 1947 by Columbia Comic Corporation.

SPARK COMICS is proud to present 'FLASH' LIGHTING. Robert Morgan was given great powers by the Old Man of the Pyramids. to fight crime as "Flash" Lightning. In this episode, he fights the evil dictator trying to take over America from his flying fortress hidden in the clouds.

'FLASH' was later known by the name Lash Lightning and accompanied by a female super hero friend,
LIGHTNING GIRL, with the same powers. Published in Sure-Fire Comics by Ace Magazines, 1940.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


SPARK PUBLICATIONS / SPARK COMICS on Blogspot is a temporary home and news portal. Listed below are some of the things needed to get our site up and running for the contributors to sell their works.

- Prep existing Golden Age comics and upload them to to get some initial revenue. Will consider reinvesting this revenue into paying our contributors to write/illustrate more Golden Age content for SPARK COMICS.
- Fine tune LICENSE AGREEMENTS and get that out to everyone. Addendums and negotiations to follow.
- Get everyone started on processing their comics for mobile and print on demand.
- Get images, blurbs and bios from Contributors to build the actual site.
- Finish setting up
- Get everyone's books positioned on ROK and Lulu.
- Prep our marketing material.
- Launch site and marketing material.

Something to note about preparing comic panels for Mobile. I got this idea from Rick Hoberg and recommend it to the Contributors. When/if you have panels that are long, you can size them and fill in the sides with a color like the sample below:

Sunday, June 3, 2007

SPARK COMICSTM offers a new platform for classic comics creators to publish their original works and develop our RETRO-FUTURIST Golden Age Revival.

The COMICS INDUSTRY can be pretty cruel because of the lack of creator rights and the fairly fast turn over rate. What has happened to all the great contributors and cultural icons of our past? MOBILE COMICS are revolutionizing the comics world as web comics did not long ago. Now creators can publish to a global audience in a medium that reaches more viewers than computers do. Comics of the Sunday Strip Style are most suitable for viewing on mobile devices. There are technical limitations but no creative limitations.

SPARK COMICS TM wishes to remind the world where comics came from and give us a greater appreciation of their entertainment value and historic relevance. Bringing Golden Age comics to mobile screens is a big step toward preserving the tradition of Comics.

SPARK PUBLICATIONS TM has gained the attention of some extremely talented and highly recognized creators in the comic book field. Check out our CONTRIBUTORS links and get to know more about what they do and why it is important to the world of graphic literature and pop culture.

STAY TUNED, we have got a lot of cards up our sleeve. If you like surprises, we are rollin' out the barrel! Wait 'til you see how we revamp and revitalize classic Golden Age heroes for our own Spark Comics Universe TM. I'm bustin' at the seams to tell ya, but shucks, that would spoil the fun.

There are a lot of great blogs at on Golden Age comics with many knowledgeable writers. Spark Comics TM takes on the challenge of retaining the central themes of these characters and stories but making them enjoyable for contemporary audiences. We welcome link shares and any inquiries. To find out more info on our development contact